The Ecumenical Storehouse

Every eight months we are responsible for operating The Ecumenical Storehouse in Oak Ridge. With twelve other Oak Ridge congregations we receive, store, and distribute donated household goods at no charge to those in need in five counties “ Anderson, Roane, Morgan, Scott, and Campbell. Each client will have been given a referral by some area government, social, or religious agency or by a church. This ministry has been serving others for over 30 years with only volunteer help and public donations. Learn more at 

In 2014 The Ecumenical Storehouse ministered to 2,771 persons in 908 families during 1,739 visits. The Storehouse provided them with slightly over $385,000 worth of donated goods and $115,000 worth of volunteered time. Many of the clients are from among the vast number of Appalachian poor in the area; others have lost everything in a fire or storm; still others find themselves in abusive situations and need emergency assistance to establish a new home. All are in need, and they have nowhere else to turn for the service The Ecumenical Storehouse provides.

If you would like to be a part of this significant ministry, please contact the church office.