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Here you will find more information on the News and Special Events taking place at First Chritian Church.  Be sure to check out our church calendar for a complete list of ministry and fellowship opportunities.

Partnership with Knox Area Rescue Ministries

11/16/2015 -

 - First Christian Church has partnered with KARM Stores in our work to help the poor and homeless in our community, and it is an easy way to help. Anytime you make a donation of items to the KARM Store, remember to tell them you are from First Christian Church. They keep track of the value of donations, and in turn, sends gift cards to the church that we can give to our Family Services families or add to the Christmas Baskets.

Over the past three months, KARM Stores received 3 donations of goods and time from those connected to First Christian Church. These donations helped provide 290 meals to guests at Knox Area Rescue Ministries, and $30 in gift cards were provided to us to use.

We encourage you to remember this partnership when you clean out those closets, clear out those cabinets, and reduce your collections of "stuff.

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Chalice Decals Available

04/14/2014 -

The Worship Ministry Team has launched an initiative to get our "logo", the Chalice, out to the community, to show our support of the church and to help raise funds to support the needs of the Worship Ministry Team for this year.  We have vinyl decals for sale for $6 each, or two for $10.  In addition, the Worship Ministry Team is taking orders for Magnetic Car Plates, which they will sell for $10.  It is hoped that everyone who is able will buy the decals to help bring First Christian Church to the attention of folks who recognize the Chalice and might want to become part of our church family.

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