Noisy Offering

Unique Way of Love


Each Sunday, the youth from First Christian Church collect a

“Noisy Offering” to help different charities

Children of Oak Ridge First Christian Church prepare to collect “Noisy Offering”

From left to right: Back row: Isaiah Wilder, Selena Pettus, Alex Plaster, and Carolyn Pelfrey

Front row: Azreal Zentgraf, Seven Pattus, Emma Pelfrey, and  Marya Journeaux


Collecting Noisy Offering - Isaiah Wilder (left) and Azreal Zentgraf (Right)


History of Noisy Offering

"On December 31, 2004, our church family suffered the total loss of our church building in a fire. In the weeks and months following the fire, we received outpourings of love and support from many sister churches. We were the recipients of a Noisy Offering from another congregation, and thus, learned of this practice which we have adopted for our service.

Every week the children of First Christian Church, Oak Ridge, collect a special "Noisy Offering" during the worship service. Church members save their pocket change during the week, and the children pass around metal cans to gather the coins…”. The funds which are collected are given back to the community through local charities..